Catalan hyperrealistic painter. Son of a working family, he grew up in an environment of strong social commitment. The death of his brother, only seventeen Republican volunteer in the Spanish Civil War, and the subsequent exile from his father in France were part of his childhood.


He trained professionally and artistically in Sabadell, city in which he lived many years, which is reflected in much of his work. In the post-war, still a teenager, he makes a living whitewashing churches burned during the war. Hence evolved a decorative painter, graphic artist and art teacher. Later he worked as an interior decorator of shops especially in Sabadell.


Socially involved, he has acted since before the transition in political and cultural groups. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Sabadell, he has been the artistic director (1976-77) and president (1978-1980). The dedication to artistic painting was not until the 70s, when he participated in group exhibitions and national and international prizes in Catalonia, mainly.

In 1978 he began a series of trips to the province of Soria to find sources of inspiration and in one of these trips he decided to break with his family, job and position to focus exclusively on its new artistic phase. He had spent 54 years and decides to live alone in a house in the mountains of the Mola for two years. He focused on his style, which has continued throughout its history: in hyperrealistic painting done with egg tempera.

Exposicions individuals

2000 | Galeria Subex.
2000 | Galeria Dukessa Vitoria- Gasteiz
1999 | Galeria Subex.
1998 | Galeria Subex.
1997 | Galeria Subex.
1996 | Galeria Subex.
1995 | Galeria Subex.
1994 | Galerie Akka, Cap d’Agde-França.
1994 | Galeria La Tamarissieré, Agde-França.
1994 | Galeria Subex.
1993 | Galeria Intel·lecte, Sabadell.
1993 | Galeria Subex.
1993 | Galeria Akka, Cap d’Agde-França.
1992 | Galeria Wats Art, Castellar del Vallès.
1992 | “Introspecció natural” Galeria Subex, Barcelona.
1991 | “Introspecció natural” Galeria Negre, Sabadell.
1991 | “Introspecció natural” Galeria Subex.
1990 | “Introspecció natural” Galeria Subex.
1987 | “Petita Natura” Galeria Subex.
1984 | “Natura”. Galeria Subex.

Exposicions col·lectives

1995 | “XVIII Salón de Invierno”. Galería Braulio, Castelló
1994 | “Realistes espagnoles”. Galerie Salle de la Mairie, Ville de Roquefort-França
1992 | Galeria Subex.
1986 | “Artistes Realistes Actuals al Vallès”. Galeria Cau d’Art, Sabadell.
1984-1985 | “Entre límits”. Exposició itinerant per Catalunya.
1983 | Galeria Subex.
1980 | “Petit format entorn a la Natura”. Galeria Matisse, Barcelona
1979 | Galeria Febo, Sant Cugat.
1979 | Galeria Matisse, Barcelona.
1977 | Belles Arts, Sabadell.

Premis obtinguts en pintura

1968 | Quart Premi de Pintura Ràpida “Ciutat Sabadell”.
1967 | Medalla de Bronze “Caixa d’Estalvis de Sabadell, Ca N’Oriach”.
1967 | Medalla de Plata “Agrupacions Professionals Narcís Giralt”.
1964 | Laurel de Plata Pintura Actual – “Agrupacions Professionals Narcís Giralt”.
1963 | Medalla de Bronze – “Agrupacions Professionals Narcís Giralt”.
1962 | Medalla d’Or – “Premio Educación y Descanso”.