Barcelona, 1942

He studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona with the teacher Revello de Toro. He has alternated pictorial practice with dedication to graphic design and illustration.

After more than forty years of practice of painting, his works are in various institutions and collections in multiple countries (Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Colombia, El Salvador, etc…)

Selected exhibitions

Sala Cinc d’Oros (Barcelona)

Sala Ayuntamiento de Beteta (Cuenca)

Salón “La Tauromachie dans les Baux Arts” (Beziers). Premiat

Casa de Madrid (Barcelona)

Subex Galeria d’Art (Barcelona)

Sala Kreisler (Barcelona)

Sala Christian Franco (Badajoz)

Sala del “Rathaus” d’Ahrensburg (Hamburg)

Subex Galeria d’Art (2006-2013)

Subex Galeria d’Art – Antològica 2015