Ideal for those students with artistic interests, who need an extra push to implement them. Artist Xavier Moreno offers students the opportunity to learn from scratch how to develop a pictorial composition.

Instructor: Xavier Moreno (more information)



Days: Thursday


Option 1

Hours: 10 am to 1pm


Option 2

Hours: 19.30pm to 21.30pm



– Theory of color, primary colors, secondary colors, mixed colors, understanding of color-value-intensity, explanation of warm, cold and complementary colors in order to understand light and the importance of color when painting a picture.


– Explanation of how the paint palette is prepared and how to mix the different colors in a color chart of both intensity and value.


– Learning about oil and water painting, watercolor, tempera, gouache, acrylic, etc., in the two possible techniques, the alla prima (wet on wet) or paint layers (lean on fat).


– Discovering skills in the knowledge of the technique to create opacities of the different types.


– Learning the work’s approach in its different stages through its corresponding dimensions, sketching and composition. Understanding the uses of a visor and grid in order to know how to relate them to the painting format used.


– Painting the logical light through color-value-intensity in order to create a realistic painting and later find your own style.


More information (Course PDF – in Catalan)


2 hours: 80€/month

3 hours (10 am to 1pm): 100€/month


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