Ritmes-mocador vermell
Ritmes-fulles verdes

From 7 November to 9 december of 2017


Draftsman, painter, architect and teacher. His images have been selected in various international and national competitions, among them, the International Fair of contemporary art Nordart 2016 and contests of painting Figuratives’15, Modportrait 2014, among others.

One of its main objectives is to invite the viewer to a silent world, away from the contemporary visual saturation, so that those questions that people feel inside us about our own lives, our emotions and our thoughts, beyond the immediacy . His images are born of a need to give back to his own body and in nature to harmonize with a reality that he perceives as excessively mental, artificial and urban.

His poetic universe focuses on color, the abstraction of composition, the fluidity of pictorial matter, the interaction between forms and rhythms. It conceives of the image as “skin” beyond the photographic illusionism reflecting on the latter and its importance in the formation of contemporary ways of looking.